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Research – How to Evaluate a Nutritional Supplement


There are a lot of deceptive, dishonest and fraud supplement companies out there that are scams!!

Even some ” good “ companies… are selling you worthless “gimmicks”…

Yep, there are some companies that you have to watch out for that may not want to rip you off, but they are simply just a ma and pa kind of group trying to make and sell supplements out of their garage, having no idea that their supplements are actually useless, or potentially harmful.

I could not believe what I read the other day on a company’s sales site for their processed fruit and vegetable supplement. I laughed when I found one site that actually said the following directly on their site:

“We really don’t feel that any research is needed. Our product only contains fruit extracts, vegetable extracts, and enzymes… the health benefits of which are all widely recognized and accepted.”

Run the other direction from companies like that! And run fast! They obviously know nothing about what they are doing. There is more of a science to nutritional supplementation than just tossing different ingredient together like a salad.

Tips on how to evaluate a nutritional supplement:

* Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMPs) – Do they follow any company GMPs? GMPs refers to the “control and management of manufacturing and quality control testing”. Many nutritional supplement companies are trying to cut on costs and do not implement GMPs.

* Testimonials – I usually don’t really trust written testimonials on a site. Anybody can write these up. Call the company and see if the person answering the phone actually uses that same supplement them self. What is their testimonial and experience with the supplement?

* Research – Does the company have any scientific research and testing done in the lab and more importantly, in live human beings? Is there ongoing research and development going on for the supplements? Do they have doctors studying and using the supplement?

* Accurate and Appropriate Claims. Look at the label. If statements are unclear or the label makes preposterous claims, the company most likely does not follow good quality control procedures.

* Juice vs Powder vs Capsule – What is their supplement form? Most fruit juices are really just water and sugar, since those are the major ingredients in fruit. If you want a juice product, go drink some orange juice. But a fruit can be turned into a powder that gives more concentration to the good nutrients and slows the oxidation process.

* Satisfaction Guarantee – A company that expects you to have good results with the supplement after using it for several months, will have a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

* Company Size – Anybody can hide behind an internet webpage. Make sure that they have a physical address and contact details. I would recommend that you call and talk with them. Ask about how the supplements are manufactured and where. If the facility is close, see if you can go and tour the the manufacturing plant. Do they have 2 employees or 20 employees? Do they ship out 5 packages a month or thousands?

* Age of the Company – Is it a brand new fly-by-night kind of company, or is it 10 or more years old?

* Standardized Ingredients – A recent 3rd party study evaluating hundreds of different supplements out there from all different sources and showed that a staggering number of supplement companies do not even use standardized ingredients, let alone have the technology to begin to do so if they were required to do so. “Standardized” means that what is labeled on the outside of the bottle is really going to be what you are getting in your body. It also means that each bottle is going to be consistent with the next bottle from the same company.

People have asked me to check out this product and that product. I am always open-minded and I review juices and supplements as they emerge.

In conclusion, I just want to say to be proactive with your research. It may surprise you to know that only 5% of supplement companies out there do any kind of research and testing on their actual supplements that they sell. Some of them will try to share with you research that has been done on the “ingredients” or even fruits in their product, but not on their actual product. I hope that this article helped you at least to learn how to evaluate your nutritional supplements.

I did a lot of research before finding the right supplement that I trust, from a trustworthy, 14 year old, Research and Development company that has their own team of over 20 full-time scientists that work in the company lab to bring about the most superior supplements on the planet… a product used by hundreds of Olympic athletes for athletic gain, as well as being used by ordinary people seeking more energy, a stronger immune system and weight loss that works!


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